The main deity Japanese Quartz Movement Round Case Women's Watch in the Arasuri Ambaji temple is Shree Visa Yantra. A unique feature of this temple is that there is no image or statue of the main deity. A small cave like cavity in the inner wall of the sanctum sanctorum features a gold plated holy Shakti Visa Yantra with a convex shape. The 51 Bij letters adorn this plate and can be glimpsed by devotees who are first bandages on the eyes, but it has never been photographed unlike most other deities in other temples.
Ambaji, a Bridal_Mesh_Flower_Hairpins_TB110003 sleepy town in the state of Gujarat is famous for housing the Ambaji Mata white short dresses temple here. Visited by more than a million devotees every year, Ambaji is situated in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. This temple is revered as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in the country and hence it is a holy site for Hindu believers. Gabbar hilltop is the actual seat of Ambaji Mata, which is visited by a large number of devotees who come to visit the temple and seek blessings of Mother Goddess year after year. Every year during Diwali, the entire temple premises are lit up with tiny lights, which makes is a wonderful spectacle. The most auspicious time to visit this temple is during the Purnima (full moon days). On the special occasions like Bhadarvi Purnima the entire town adorns a festive mood and a large mela is set up which attracts people from all across the country. People come here to enjoy the many features of this mela such as the numerous rides, the tiny stalls selling everything from spices to bangles and other handmade jewellery.
In the olden times devotees from all over had to come here on foot to wedding guest dresses get blessings from Maa Amba. But with the advancement of transportation, it is now much designer dresses easier for pilgrims to come to Mata Ambaji Temple. The temple is situated just 5 km away from the Gabbar Hill which lies along the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan and is also in close proximity to the river Saraswati.
Hindu devotees believe Goddess Ambaji to be the source of the supreme cosmic power of the universe and the Ambaji temple is considered to be one of the 51 ancient Shakti Piths. The Shakti Piths, dedicated to Goddess Shakti, are considered to be the nerve center of cosmic energy where Goddess is worshipped. In the whole of India, there are a total of 12 main Shakti Piths Tirths. In these wedding dresses 2013 Shakti Pith Tirths, Goddess Shakti Halter Chiffon Destination Wedding Dresses is worshipped in many avatars such as Maa Bhagwati Mahakali Maha Shakti, Maa Kamakshi, Mata Bramaramba, Shri Kumarika, Mataji Ambaji, Mata maternity dresses for wedding guest Maha Laxmi Devi, Devi Lalita, Vindhya Vasini, Vishalakshi, Mangalavati, Sundari and Guhyeshwari.

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